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Your preferred partner for moving water

We look further into the horizon

We are heading towards a world that demands efficient and energy-efficient products and solutions.
At IRON, we are committed to raise the bar and we are ready to take on this challenge in cooperation with our suppliers and customers.

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IRON Pump latest News in Brief

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IRON Pump Core Business


We supply high-efficiency, quality water pumps and ejectors to the marine industry worldwide. Our years of experience have made us one of the world's preferred partners for moving water.

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While transitioning to cleaner energy in the long term, oil is still needed to cater for the world’s demand for energy here and now. At IRON, we are committed to be part of this transition.

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Our Industrial pumps are designed specifically for use in heavy-duty applications. Our specialty in water pumps allows us to choose a large range of liquid selection for standard and tailored applications.

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After Sales

Our 100% genuine spare parts are available for every IRON pumps ever manufactured. Prompt, efficient and personal service for customers world-wide is in our DNA. 

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CO2 Neutralt Website
CO2 Neutralt Website