Cruise Liner

Cruise operators rely on technology.

To ensure passenger safety and operational stability, even the most advanced and sophisticated cruise ships of today depend on top quality pumps to do ‘the job’.

Water pumps in general play a vital role onboard cruise liners, it be as part of a heeling system, for the sanitary or ventilation systems, to empty the bilges, cool down the main engines or as part of the installed scrubber system.

For decades, owners have seen the value of the IRON pumps and the best TCO in the market based on top quality pumps and 100% genuine spare parts. Since 1912, when we supplied water pumps for the first ocean going vessel M/S Selandia, cruiser liners and ferries account for a major part of the IRON business.Mein Schiff Cruise



Our Cruise Ship Case Study on TUI’s Mein Schiff shows yearly savings of 354,000 kWh ~ 210 tons of oil with our EcoDesign pumps and as a bonus, a total weight reduction by approx. 2  tons.

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