Cruise Liner

Cruise operators rely on technology.

Today, the cruise industry boasts a vast array of ships, ranging from small luxury vessels to enormous floating cities.

Cruise operators rely on technology and to ensure passenger safety and operational stability, even the most advanced and sophisticated cruise ships depend on top quality pumps.

Water pumps are an essential component of any cruise liner's plumbing-, ventilation- or heeling system. Water pumps are also used to empty the bilges, cool down the main engines or as part of the installed scrubber system.

For decades, owners have seen the value of the IRON pumps. Our top quality pumps and 100% genuine spare parts ensure the best total cost of ownership in the market. Since 1912, when we supplied water pumps for M/S Selandia, cruise liners and ferries have accounted for a major part of the IRON business.

In 2021 IRON Pump was chosen to deliver a full water pump package consisting of 91 pumps for the world’s largest cruise liner ICON of the Seas.

We offer the full range of water pumps for cruise ships and ferries and with the industry's continued focus on sustainability and environmental responsibility, the use of long-lasting, quality water pumps will become increasingly important in the years ahead.

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