Propeller Pump Type QT

The QT pump series is especially designed for applications where heavy capacities, low pressure heads and two-way operation are of vital importance. The pump, focused for heeling duties in the marine sector, is also well suited for condenser cooling services.

Depending on operational requirements, the pump can be supplied as a single or multi staged propeller pump, where the propeller is driven in a direct line via a flexible coupling to a range of IEC standard electric motors. The pump design affords a strong and robust construction suitable for placement in places where accessibility is difficult. The QT pumps simplicity allows ease of inspection and maintenance.


Propeller Pump


Direct drive, Flexible coupling

Flow range:

256 – 1740 m3/h

Pressure range:

4,65 – 37,4 mLc


Horizontal, In-line

Pumped liquid:

Fresh water, Sea water