Ellehammer Ejectors


The Ejector - Ingenious in its simplicity

The power of the ejector is in its detail and design.

An ejector, also known as an eductor or a jet pump, is a piece of precision engineering without any moving parts. No maintenance is required, and wear & tear is at a very minimum. Ejectors are broadly used onboard almost every kind of vessel including ferries, fishing and cruise vessels and onboard carrier vessels to name a few.

Onboard the vessels the ejector serves a variety of different applications. The most common applications being ballast stripping, bilge and sewage applications.

Ballast stripping may involve discharging through a ballast water treatment system which puts additional requirements to the ejector.

Bilge applications typically includes removing liquid and condensate from the chain locker, cofferdam, bosun store or engine room etc.

Sewage applications most often involves the transportation of black water and grey water. Our sewage ejectors may also be used to transport minerals or granulate mixed with water.

The power of the ejector is in its detail and design. When dimensioning an ejector, certain parameters are taken into account including amongst others: pipe sizing, the amount of liquid to be transported and capacity of the driving pump. Taking these parameters into account allows us to determine the most effective and best suitable ejector for your application. A well dimensioned ejector has a big influence on the piping system and power requirements of the driving pump.

There are several advantages for using an ejector for a specific application.

Ejector Advantages:

• Simple operation, no maintenance
• Allows unobstructed transport of impurities in suction media
• Suitable on locations with limited access
• Eliminates risks of fire/explosion as no moving parts
• Suitable for various mixing purposes
• Reliable and easy to install
• Suitable as a portable ‘vacuum cleaner’

Ellehammer's wide range of ejectors are as standard, manufactured with a body in bronze and on request, can be produced in materials such as aluminum bronze, cast iron and stainless steel. All ejectors are engineered and manufactured in Denmark and fulfill all demands of the respective class societies.

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