Anti Heeling

Water pumps for anti-heeling systems

Cruisers, ferries, container vessels and ships with cranes daily depend on reliable stabilizing from the anti-heeling system.

One thing is not to allow a cruise ship to list when all onboard want to see the same sight on one side of the ship. Another thing is ensuring that the crane is not blocked in the middle of a critical lifting operation because the ship is listing more than 2° in either direction.

More often today, the areas below the accommodation and cargo sections i.e. not used for generating profit, are subject to optimization and therefore require more and more compact solutions.

Additionally, the equipment selected for modern ships is required to perform with still higher energy efficiency. These requirements initiate development of smaller, lighter and more efficient equipment to the highly competitive marine market, where focus is on footprint, performance and low cost of ownership.

Along side cargo containerThe newly developed QTe anti-heeling pump from IRON Pump offers market leading performance, low TCO and optimized compact design, without compromizing hydraulic principles and ease of service. The IRON Pump philosophy of keeping "shafts in parallel" is throroughly respected here as well, ensuring minimum of mechanical parts and practically no 'special' parts but the impellars and shaft.

The new design is based upon the vast experience accumulated by IRON Pump since the development of the first QT pump in the 1950's. This pump was ordered by the domestic ferries servicing the Danish Railroads.

The compact design still offers some flexibility regarding the height and in distance between the pipe line flanges, which makes it perfect for newbuilds to optimize cargo spaces, and for retrofitting in spaces where no other pump fits in.

With an IRON Pump anti-heeling pump, you enhance meantime between failure of your anti-heeling system and invest in reliable operation performance and low cost of ownership in the years to come.