EGC Systems - Meet the regulations with IRON

Restrictions, regulation and amendments from the maritime authorities daily create challenges for international shipowners and charters.

The Sulfur emission legislation is no exception and the use of Scrubbers –or Exhaust gas cleaners – provides a good solution to this challenge.

The installation of exhaust gas cleaning systems (EGC) often differs from other, regular onboard systems as it is being installed as retro-fit in vessels designed without foreseeing the need of available space necessary for making the optimal system installation, ensuring best conditions for the performance of the equipment.

The challenges regarding the best placement of the pumps and tank, varies from vessel to vessel, and needs to be thoroughly analyzed in order to achieve best efficiency and lowest cost of ownership possible. Exhaust gas from ship

Moving a pump from one deck to another may change the power requirement significantly, which not only has an impact to the system acquisition cost but also the service cost.

Quality pumps, the best Total Cost of Ownership in the market and more than 250 pumps installed in scrubber plants has led to a valuable accumulation of know-how regarding the governing and control of the pumps.

No application is alike. 

Far from all vessel duty patterns are the same. Hence every project needs to be analyzed in details, to ensure best selection and combination of the pump package.

IRON Pump has over the last years gained substantial knowledge regarding the challenges of the capacity regulation of the EGC system, and the control of the centrifugal pumps in particular. The corporation with EGC system providers has led to the accumulation of specific competences regarding the selection and placing of the pumps together with the challenging programming of the frequency controllers when dividing the pump work in two or more pumps in parallel.

Pumping seawater and chemicals through a scrubbing system requires an efficient pumping system, configured to that exact purpose. High temperatures and harsh elements ask for world class water pumps.

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