Centrifugal Pump Type QVK

The QVK pump series is a range of vertical, in-line, axial split, centrifugal pumps of single or multi stage design. The design provides easy access for inspection and service without dismantling the rotating element, motor or the surrounding pipe system.

A pump series designed for high efficiency and low NPSH under heavy and continuous duty, featuring a bearing arrangement on each side of the rotating element, an axially balanced rotating element, supporting a wide range of IEC standard electric motors.

The pump series can be provided with a wide range of shaft seals, for media temperatures up to 180°C, and can be supplemented with various types of priming systems, depending on the application.


Centrifugal Pump


Axial split case, Flexible coupling, Dual bearing arrangement with the impeller mounted between bearings

Flow range:

25 – 4000 m3/h

Pressure range:

10 – 150 mLc


Vertical, In-line

Pumped liquid:

Fresh water, Sea water