Swift pump replacement saves you time and money

IRON supplies Plug&Play replacement pumps for a series of already installed Anti-heeling systems.

Pumps with angular gear construction may cause any crew a headache in terms of maintenance. They often experience seal leakage and heavy wear of the gear, which results in frequent and costly maintenance of the gear and seals.

In a current case, IRON has been asked to supply replacement pumps for a series of already installed Anti-heeling systems. The installed DN400 pumps are pump fitted by means of reducers to the DN 350 pipeline. The task for IRON Pump is to find suitable replacement for the pump and fill the gab between the DN 350 flanges.


 Pipe arrangement  Anti heeling

Existing pump arrangement

QTe installed on board

Dette er et 400x400px billede

The Anti-Heeling Plug&Play pump in close-up

Our QTE design DN 350 version is the obvious choice and in order to close the gab we introduce two rubber compensators, and a simple piece of pipe flanged in DN 350. The compensators allowed misalignment and variation in length of the gab in ships.
The center-line of the pipes adds-up with the center-line hight of the QTE design and, in addition, leaves space for a 22 mm steel plate, which should interface the pump base to existing pump foundation.

Fittings and additional flange bolts completed the ‘Plug&Play’ solution, which enabled a swift pump
replacement and an easy adaption to the existing leakage alarm system.

Replacing your existing anti-heeling pumps with IRON pumps makes it a swift operation, which can be carried out while at sea and hence saves you both time and money.
If you are running expensive anti heeling pumps, experience high maintenance cost and low MTBF, don’t hesitate to contact us. Together, we will find the best solution for your individual purpose.



View our Anti-Heeling video to learn more about our pumps for this application:

Anti Heeling film

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