It is in our DNA to help where we can


Recently, AREPA, one of the world’s leading companies in damage assessment and equipment restoration, was challenged by a damaged fire pump in a local retirement home.

The pump, which was not of IRON make, had been out of operation for some time and this had led extra costs as fire personnel now patrolled the home. As it had turned out to be a difficult task for AREPA to source original parts and service and they ultimately reached out to IRON for assistance. 

 “Admittedly, I was hesitant to take it in at first” IRON Pump Service Manager, Per Gudmand Jensen says and explains “with ‘foreign’ pumps, you never know what you have at hand and new parts might prove difficult to get. On the other hand, it is in our DNA to help where we can”.

AREPA brought the pump for inspection in the IRON workshop. An inaccurately mounted mechanical shaft seal was found to be the reason for the pump down time.

“Since the part was not damaged but merely inaccurately mounted, it was cleaned and re-mounted it as per IRON procedures. The pump was operational once again, and it was pressure tested to the required pressure range", Per Gudmand Jensen says and finishes "this is a great example of how we work here at IRON. Shortly after we received the pump, we had it thoroughly examined, repaired and on its way back to the customer again. And on top of that, we reused of the original parts, which is also in line with AREPA's mindset". 

» Refurbishing and re-using technical parts and products are in line with our beliefs and our way of doing business «

Martin Hammer
AREPA, Senior Project Manager and Department Head




Per Gudmand Jensen

Per Gudmand Jensen