For IRON Pump, going green is not a new trend.

Since 1997, we have actively worked on sustainability and a green transition has since then been part of our overall strategy. A strategy that is rooted in the boardroom. In regard to IT, migrating to a modern Data Center in Microsoft Azure, was a sensible decision to make in this respect.

As a traditional production company, we always look at ways to make our production more sustainable, but at IRON Pump, we take it a step further: “We have a very strong focus on sustainability across the entire company, and we continuously work on both small and large projects that can have a positive effect on the environment. Therefore, it is also in line with our strategy that we change our server setup to run on green energy and run more efficiently, thereby reducing our overall carbon footprint, "says Rune Axelstad Petersen, Manager of IT Operations here at IRON Pump.

From “On-prem” to cloud
IRON Pump have commenced the migration from a traditional “On-premise” Data Center to a modern setup in Azure. The decision to do this, is both based on practical and environmental considerations. "If we were to continue hosting our own Data Center and attain the same level of operational reliability as in Azure, it would, among other things, be necessary to invest in a new diesel generator - and that is not a particularly green way to go. In this regard it also made a lot more sense to choose a cloud service,” Rune Axelstad Petersen concludes.

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Green IT