The CVLS vertical turbine pump is designed for a very wide range of applications. The construction is based on a modular concept. Number of column pipes and stages, types of impellers and bowls, sealing systems, bearing arrangements and the material selection will meet any requirements within its working area. When increasing the flow capacity, the fluid velocity in the pipe system can be maintained by fitting an enlarged discharged port, matching the pipe work.

• Reliable design
• Low speed
• Length up to 30 meters
• Easy to service
• Long shaft lifetime

Our long track-record and expertise in engineering and manufacturing of turbine water pumps really come into play when large projects land on our table. One such project is the recent case with four 20-meter CVLS pumps for Bahamas.

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CVLS for Bahamas in production

CVLS for Bahamas in production

CVLS handling crane Bahamas

CVLS handling crane 

CVLS handling crane Bahamas 2

CVLS handling crane 

CVLS Production

CVLS Production

Pump Housing

Pump housing

Mounting onsite Bahamas

Mounting onsite Bahamas


Turbine Pump


Deep well, Modular length

Flow range:

10 - 5200 m3/h

Pressure range:

10 - 100 mLc


Vertical, Horizontal discharge

Pumped liquid:

Lubrication oil, Oil transfer, Water