THIS PUMP fits in spaces where other anti-heeling pumps often prove too big. The compact design both in height and in distance between the pipeline flanges, makes it perfect for newbuilds to optimize cargo spaces and for retrofitting in spaces where no other pump fits in.

The QTe pump is designed with a unique belt drive, which gives a compact pump with low risk and low-cost operation throughout the pump’s entire lifespan. This pump provides a large flow and low head as your application demands. Contrary to many other propeller pumps, the QTe series can be geared to fit the required operational requirements, thanks to the pump drive design. The anti-heeling pump series is based on the reversible propeller principle, where only one pump is required to shift water from port to starboard and vice versa, and a simple pipe line. The pump is designed to meet market requirements for a compact and service friendly anti-heeling pump.

The compact in-line design allows for easy service and for installation in narrow spaces, for instance in between the frames or stringers. The construction is rigid and robust and facilitates quick inspection and service. The wide use of standard components ensures reduced costs on spare parts.

The motor is installed horizontally on top, driving the pump with belts. The hydraulic part is easily accessible by removing an intermediate section catering for the change of belts and the mechanical seal. The (e) in QTe refers to the IRON Pump EcoDesign pump series, where the efficiency is unprecedented.

In order to achieve best possible efficiency and accommodate your demands and preferred brands, all standard motors can be mounted. Motors can be supplied for, and delivered with, frequency converters for further improvements.

The QTe design is now registered with Chinese patent 104838150.

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