IRON to achieve sustainable business growth and faster innovation by moving towards a net zero world

IRON Pump is growing and is heading towards a world that demands efficient and energy-efficient products and solutions. In order to maintain a strong position, the ability to look even further into the horizon is now strengthened.

I produktion.png “For some time, we have investigated new opportunities to grow and develop markets outside the maritime sector. The green transition is inevitable, and we see it as a lever for our goal of growing new markets while maintaining our existing market in a more sustainable way” IRON pump CEO Anders Frimodt-Møller explains, " There is no doubt that the green transition provides new and exciting challenges, but also places great demands on our ability to both see and seek out new market opportunities and, not least, to understand how our products can contribute to other areas. 

We have been fortunate enough to employ Neha Mehta as our lead to drive this development. Neha has a maritime background as a Marine Engineer supplemented by an MBA.

She is used to working globally and has solid experience in networking and opening doors to new sales opportunities. Neha comes with five years' experience from Desmi, where she, among other things, developed their market for collecting liquid plastic waste in rivers and seas. 

» We are sure that together with Neha, we can bring IRON a big step closer to our goals of growth and green transition « - Anders Frimodt-Møller, CEO

"Neha has now been in her position as Chief Strategy Officer for a month, and she is already well on her way to identifying where in the world IRON Pump can make a difference. Combined with our focus on quality, energy efficiency and partnerships, we are sure that together with Neha, we can bring IRON a big step closer to our goals of growth and green transition" Frimodt-Møller says..


Businesses can both do well and do good

“As Chief Strategic Officer at IRON Pump, my focus will be on developing & executing the overall strategic plan of the organization. This means working closely with many internal & external stakeholders globally to understand & identify the business sectors where IRON Pump has the strong potential to grow” Neha Mehta says and continues “I strongly believe that businesses can both do well and do good.

Therefore, businesses with potential of green transition have been my passion for many years. We know today that businesses have the extraordinary power and opportunity to shape the world & become more sustainable than ever before. At IRON, we aim to achieve sustainable business growth and faster innovation towards the net zero world with many entry doors to position IRON Pump for growth now and into the future”.

Neha in production

“Our new business areas will therefore underpin new sales channels, broadened customer segmentation, aim for ambitious partnerships and ensure that we can respond to buyers & channel trends faster than ever before. Our aim is to support the global green transition business and expand in the business areas and markets that supports energy efficiency and energy conservation projects”.

» Our aim is to support the global green transition business and to expand in these business areas« 
- Neha Mehta, Chief Strategy Officer


"IRON Pump is over 100 Years old and remains one of the oldest Danish companies with local production in Copenhagen, Denmark. Our years of experience and high level of product quality, its lifecycle and business professionalism have made us one of the world's preferred partners for moving water.

More than 70 countries use products from IRON Pump, and this gives our business group an incredible opportunity to use its scale for good " Ms Mehta elaborates and concludes, "businesses that have real motivation to change their practices for creating positive impact and those who are making the green transition, will definitely cherish the fruitful results in near future.

IRON Pump has caught my eyes for many years due to its local & high-quality production and I look forward to embarking on this journey with my new & bright colleagues".  

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Neha Mehta

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Anders Frimodt-Møller


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