Unoriginal parts increase the risk of breakdown of both pump and motor.

Corrosion of the steel parts of the shaft seals may be prevented if material AISI 316 or better is chosen. Unfortunately, less quality, such as AISI 304 is often used.

Pay attention; the steel parts may corrode and lead the spring to fail. Ultimately, you have a leaking pump.

IRON Original parts


Even the choice of bearing grease is not without importance as running the pump with a lower grade of grease will cause the bearing to run too hot. A synthetic grease will lose it’s carrying ability as the temperature goes up.

Looking closely at your unoriginal impeller, you might find that the mounting holes for the seal rings are incomplete and need substantial work before mounting in the pump casing. This is not without risks of the bolts unscrewing during operation.

Genuine parts always fit and a pump overhaul should always be carried out with genuine parts only.

Only IRON genuine parts, guarantee top performance and the best life-time cost in the market.

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