Ellehammer Fire Fighting systems in IRON Scope

April 2022, we received the order for the first large Ellehammer firefighting system in IRON scope.

With a sharp price and a fast delivery time, Sales Engineer Grit Holm, secured the order for three large fire fighting systems. Although, the team was facing a tight time schedule, they finalised and shipped the last of the three systems first thing this year.

System Specification:

  • 3 x Diesel hydraulic Fire Pump Plant, System ELLEHAMMER, with a net capacity of 1.800 m³/h at 145 mWC
  • CUMMINS 4-stroke diesel engine, 16 cylinders, with output 1.563 kW at 1.500 RPM
  • Main pump: Split case centrifugal pump QHGV 600-500/630
  • Feed pump: Split case Centrifugal pump QV 24/450
  • DNV and NFPA 20 Approved

»As project manager on this project, it has been great to see a team so excited about not only solving the issues at hand, but also investing many hours and with pride making a world class product. Special thanks to them!«

Emil Baungaard, Project Manager



Grit B. Holm

Sales Engineer, Fire Fighting Systems
Direct Tel: +45 4454 7189
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