Our two Test Engineers let us in on their work here at IRON Pump and reveal what gives ‘The Kick’.

Birte T Steffensen and Carl J Petersen are our Master-Minds of what is possible when it comes to pumps. Our two Test Engineers let us in on their work here at IRON Pump and reveal what gives ‘The Kick’.

All aspects of the IRON business are gathered in one location in Denmark. Thereby, sales, manufacturing and testing of our pumps are all under one roof. This makes the decision-making process short and the cross-functional cooperation close.

In our large-scale projects, our Test Engineers get involved early in the sales process. In pre-bid meetings they advise, for instance, about pump and impeller types needed to meet customer demands. They validate vital details such as the customers’ piping systems and ambient conditions. Test Engineers, Birte T. Steffensen and Carl J. Pedersen have been part of the IRON team in 14 and 11 years respectively.

» Every day, we work on finding the best solution to meet customers’ specifications «

“I really enjoy testing pumps. It gives me a chance to work both with theory as well as hands-on with the pumps. When we are not carrying out ‘our own’ tests, we act as technical advisors to our colleagues. There might be cases where pumps in trial-run need adjustments and here we can step in and determine which action to take” Birte says. Among other things, they select bearing design sealings and knows from experience, which challenges we should pay attention to and which solutions we have available.

“At IRON Pump, we are renowned for our ability to deliver spare parts for even very old pumps and we can also build a replica of the pump that you bought years ago. When replacing an old and worn-down IRON pump with a brand-new copy, you can choose to have it 100% identical” Birte explains and continues “In these cases, we confirm test data and verifies pump curves against the original pump data. This is particularly important when we sell replica of very old pumps, which are 20-30 years of age”.

The Kick
Carl and Birte are our Master-Minds of what is possible, and both agree that the real “Kick” comes when everything just falls into place; when the complex calculations are done, when decisions are made, and the pump just runs perfectly when in test. When not working in the test facilities, they confirm the choice of pumps via construction strength calculations and efficiency analysis.
“Every day, we work on finding the best solution to meet customers’ specifications” Carl says and adds “we have the experience and technical expertise to select the correct solution for our customers”.


IRON Test Engineers
IRON Test Engineers - Birte & Carl


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  • BIRTE:
    Part of the IRON Pump team for 14 years
    Has previously worked with high-pressure pumps and waste-water pump at KSB and ITT Flygt, to name a few. A total of 23 years of pump knowledge
    Birte is Mechanical Engineer by training



  • CARL
    Joined IRON Pump 11 years ago after having spent the previous 16 years with Ellehammer A/S, testing and selling ejectors.
    Is member of the IRON R&D team
    Carl is Mechanical Engineer by training