Over the past few decades, the cruise industry has witnessed significant growth, with cruise liners evolving from modest vessels to extravagant floating cities.
Continuous innovation and unparalleled luxury experiences are the name of the game and the world's biggest cruise liner, is not only a floating city but also a symbol of engineering marvel, characterized by the grandeur, luxury, and diverse offerings accommodating thousands of passengers and crew members while crossing the vast seas.

However, behind the scenes, the operation of these massive cruise liners depends on a network of installed equipment.

The supply and proper functioning of water pumps play a critical role in ensuring a seamless journey and ensuring the comfort and safety of everyone on board. During the years, IRON Pump in Søborg, Copenhagen, has supplied water pumps packages for more than 80 cruise liners built in yards, such as Italian Fincantieri and German Meyer Group.

» We have supplied 91 centrifugal pumps for the water package onboard the ICON of the Seas«

 Robert Jensen 2”We have supplied 91 centrifugal pumps for the water package onboard the ICON of the Seas”, Sales Engineer, Robert Jensen explains. “We cover applications from HVAC, to bilge-, ME cooling-, ballast-, fire- and thruster pumps, to name a few. In 2020, we supplied the full water pump package for ICON I and recently, the last three fire fighting pumps for the next ship in the same series”.

In total, IRON has supplied 98 pumps for the second ship in the series and expect to supply a similar number of pumps to the third and last ship in the series. The first pumps for this ship are in planning for delivery in October this year.



Ensuring the stability and safety of the vessel is of paramount importance. Water pump systems must be carefully integrated and balanced to maintain stability and prevent potential hazards.

“Supplying water pumps for the world's biggest cruise liner necessitates close collaboration between IRON and the naval engineers in charge. As pump supplier, it is important that we are available to answer any questions quickly, not to delay the engineers in their processes. Our pumps are not off-the -shelf products. In close dialogue with the customer, we dimension the pumps to meet the exact requirements” Robert says and finishes “We take great pride in supplying reliable and robust water pumps, designed to minimize power consumption, and constructed to ensure a long lifespan. After-sales support and maintenance are vital aspects of our supply. Cruise liners are often at sea for extended periods, and our spare parts team is on stand-by offering easy access to spare parts whenever needed”.


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