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Brine & Glycol cooling water pumps

Trawler in ice sea WebArctic conditions make high demands on pumps and motor
In the fishing industry, for instance, when trawlers operate in the arctic waters, and especially in the process of freezing the caught fish as part of the onboard process. Here the temperatures can go to the extreme.
To prevent the water from freezing in the pipes and pumps, salt is added. The high salt concentration can keep the water fluent even at media temperatures down to -40°C. Mechanical shaft seal needs to be selected carefully in order maintain reliable and continuous service of such pump installation.

Also, in the northern part of Finland, a LNG terminal has installed several centrifugal pumps delivered by IRON Pump. Here the application is circulation of glycol cooling water. For this task, the pumps have been configured with a heat-treated pump casing. The gaskets in the pump are designed Artic conditions and the flexible coupling elements are specially selected to withstand frost.

finland pipe



Regarding the electrical motor, special attention is also required here. IRON Pump offer motors with anti-condensation heating as well as special bearings greased to fit temperatures down to -40°C. Additionally these special configurations are available with ATEX Zone approvals.

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