Protect your operation

With original spare parts you will get the advantage of a healthy economy.

In the Spare Parts After Sales unit, we put a huge effort into providing the best service for our customers. All spare parts for Marine and Power Plants fully meet the quality of the parts originally installed in the pumps. Some may even have been improved.

All spare parts are subject to rigorous quality control before they leave our production. Our stock contains spare parts for the full range of pumps used in Marine & Power Plant applications.

Use original spare parts for every pump IRON Pump have ever manufactured: QV, QH, QVK, DHBS, DHBF, DHBe, CNLB, CNHB, QT, CNL, CNLe, CN, CHV, BC, BDV, BDHV, CVLS, RS, RSM, AA & ON.


IRON Pump Impeller


Radial Ball Bearing


Mechanical Seal


Seal Cover


IRON Pump Service
As part of our service, we suggest spare parts packages and the recommended additional spare parts – each suggestion to meet your specific needs. We also offer complete replacement pumps, 100% identical with the original pump. LEARN more here.