IRON Pump replacement pump

A pump from IRON Pump lasts almost forever, but may eventually need to be renewed.

We are renowned for our ability to deliver spare parts for even very old pumps and can also build a replica of the pump that you bought years ago. In either case, the outer physical properties will be identical, catering for a plug-and-play replacement.

When replacing an old and worn-down IRON pump with a brand new copy, you can choose to have it 100% identical, so that your stock of spares can be used, - or to have it fitted with the latest in seals and bearings.

A clear advantage of a replacement pump, is that it is intended to replace an existing IRON Pump and is regarded as a spare part. The new pump is produced according to the original pump design, and is replaceable 1:1. Therefore, a new class approval of the installation is not required.

Please contact us to get an offer for a replacement pump.

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